When the earth is formed with two opposite-facing spheres (that is, one facing north and the other south, separate by the equator), it is almost as if the earth is silently whispering that the earth itself is a big irony. Or at least that’s how I define what irony is: two opposite truth living in harmony, one is expressed while the actual intention or attitude is unexpressed or opposite to that of the expressed.


Love him. Not only does his biography stand out from many of the top leader in the world, the fact that he is able to inspire both love and hate at the same time makes a great living example of irony. It is almost like a good movie played by a hateful person.

Putin is the President of Russian Federation for those who are too lazy to google. He has a charming appearance for men his age, and he keeps his shape better than most young people we find these days (including myself). His tough guy image comes mainly from the extreme sports he does, and the occasional interactions with wild animal. You know, we pet cats he pets tiger. No biggie.

When the whole world was shifting from autocracy to democracy, Putin was walking against the wind direction. He couldn’t care less how cold his face had become by the strong force of the wind that kept splashing against him. You could almost imagine him walking on a busy street where people are shouting for liberty joy, while his expression-less face is hiding behind the stand-up collar on his beige wind-proof coat. Two hands tuck in the side pockets, a monochrome filter will do just fine. Oh, did I mention his black detective hat?

Putin brought Russia out of the economical pit by enforcing policies that are difficult to tell whether they are bad or good, particularly from an outsider like myself. However, he does receive many criticisms, especially from the West, as his political views and conservationism oppose to that of the West. The absence of democracy in Putin’s execution makes him in a way, a dictator. This is how media portrays him.

To better illustrate, I am going to try it the Korean drama way. Imagine a poor girl who has little or no support from the family is off to college life with uncertainties of the future ahead of her. And now…skip to where she has already met a tough (if not rich, let’s not be lame here) guy who vows to protect her. One night, she comes home late (or for whatever reason), she is trapped by five gangster guys in a small alley, and because it’s PG rated, these five guys only want to rob her and run. Anyways, long story short, the tough guy who vows to protect her suddenly appears, grabs her arm and runs off.

Now, I just realised it’s not the best example but it’s almost 11 pm so it’s okay. He grabs her without her consent. He decides life for her. In a way he is a dictator. The logic behind it is dramatic. It’s almost as if someone kisses you without asking you. Or someone saves the world without telling you. It’s almost as if the heroes have no desires to be understood. The loneliness of their back is the certification given by “World Anonymous Hero Association” (aka. WAHA) (no joke intended) (do not laugh) (read acronym with seriousness).

Typical Hollywood movie. And people love to watch it. Little do the audience know that they are in an irony themselves the moment they enter the theatre to watch what’s being played on the political world map.

Putin vs West.

Love the heroic actions, but hate that the actions are not in the belief system.

Irony at its best.


One thought on “Irony

  1. Love this.
    But not sure if the Korean drama example work, at least not when I’m imagining the scenario like this:
    After he grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the gang we went on a maniac run through the maze-like alleyways. The guys ran after us like hound dogs.
    I’m amazed how he was able to remain calm and got us out.
    We stopped by a convenient store to catch our breath. He looked back to make sure the guys are gone. I was panting like there’s no tomorrow, and at the same time trying to hold my posture so I still look decent even after running.
    He slowly turned to me and asked “are you okay?”
    You kidding? “Yeah I’m okay thanks.”
    It was hard, trying to act cool but fragile at the same time.
    Then he said “I’m sorry I had to pull you away like that. I couldn’t fight them all together, and I know I needed to get you out.”
    Seriously, I love it. I would hire them to do it again. “Yeah it’s okay. Thank you.”
    A faint breeze glided through us. Under the moon light and illumination from the store, his facial features look so perfect. This silence accompanied with our breaths sound almost more than just sexy. I waited for him to say something. But now I wish I didn’t.
    “Have you gained weight?”
    “… excuse me?” I said as I pulled myself out of my stupid dream.
    “You don’t seem as fit as last time when I saw you,” he chuckled, “we can go to the gym together if you want.”
    “Are you saying I’m fat?”
    “Well I’m just worried about you,” he said with his charming smile, “it’s for your own good.”
    I stood there, stunned. Seeing my reaction, he smiled again and gently took my hand.
    “Come on,” he held my hand tight, “let’s go for a 2k run.”
    “..Now?? It’s almost 12am!”
    Off we went. To the end of the horizon, to the moon, to the edge of our milky wave.

    Sometimes, heroes have no desires to be understood, nor do they desire to understand.


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